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Minecraft 1.8.2 coming to Xbox tomorrow

If you’re one of the many, many fans of Minecraft on the Xbox 360, tomorrow just got amazing for you. 4J Studios has announced that 1.8.2., more commonly known as the Adventure Update will be releasing tomorrow.   Microsoft has confirmed that we’ve passed Cert Test, and the 1.8.2 update will be out tomorrow (October 16th)! #minecraftXBLA — […]Read More


Over 10 percent of connected 360s have ‘Minecraft’

It’s no surprise to anyone nowadays that Minecraft is popular, but when you break down a few sales numbers, the success is staggering. 4J Studios, the developer behind the 360 port of Minecraft, recently announced that the port alone has sold over 4 million copies. Considering the number of Xbox Live members has been floating around 40 million, […]Read More