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Nintendo Direct News Round Up (August 29th)

Last night Nintendo took to the internet for another of their anticipated Nintendo Direct public broadcasts. Though the stream by Nintendo President Satoru Iwata was in Japanese, much was still announced/shown that regards other regions as well. Below is a quick round up of information that was seen: Animal Crossing: Jump Out (translated title) for the […]Read More


Nintendo Rectifies 3DS Top-Screen Scratch Problem With XL

Some current 3DS adopters have unfortunately encountered some extreme cosmetic damage to their 3DS units where the top screen receives scratched lines from the bottom screen’s outdented boarder. Carrying the unit in the pocket of some tight jeans, or a bag packed with other objects can create this problem as the clamshell design of the […]Read More


British Retailer Advertises Fake 3DS XL

British retailer HMV has let slip an ad that shows Nintendo’s upcoming hardware release, the 3DS XL, boasting a second circle pad. Except, uh… That’s not true. Found and submitted by a GoNintendo community member, the above image is actually a fan-made mock-up depicting the console that every Nintendo fan wants, but unfortunately won’t be […]Read More