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Microsoft Releases Official Halo 4 Box Art

In just under six months, you’ll be able to get your hands on a new adventure in the Halo universe.  This November, Microsoft and 343 Industries will be releasing Halo 4 to the Xbox 360.  Midnight launches and release date delivery are being planned as we speak as fans are anxious to get back to […]Read More


Halo 4 Receives an Official Release Date

Fans of the Halo series can get ready to hand over your money in 2012, as Microsoft has given Halo 4 an official release date.  Gone are the rumors that the game would slip into 2013 or launch on another system, as your countdown to having the game in your Xbox 360 can now go […]Read More


Halo 4 Will Not Have a Beta; Release in 2012

If you had rather high hopes to see a beta for the upcoming Halo 4, then we hate to be the bearer of bad news.  In the most recent Halo Bulletin, it was revealed via the Community Q&A questions that Halo 4 will not feature a multiplayer beta. You can return from crying, because we […]Read More


Halo 4 Dev Diary Showcases Gameplay & Multiplayer

If you’ve been craving footage to finally be released of Halo 4, then today is your lucky day.  343 Industries has released a developer diary for Halo 4 which showcases quite a bit of gameplay and multiplayer action. The title was unveiled this past way at the Microsoft Spring Showcase along with a slew of […]Read More


PSA: Halo 4 Beta Sign-Ups Are a Scam

If you’ve received a message regarding a Halo 4 beta invite, we’d recommend not accepting it.  While anything regarding Halo 4 is incredibly exciting, the current supposed “beta” invites going out are nothing but a scam. Traditionally, invites for a beta have been handled through Microsoft or through the Crackdown series.  Unfortunately, there’s not a […]Read More