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Skyrim Update 1.5 Now Available on Xbox 360 & PS3

A few weeks ago, Bethesda teased a pretty cool portion of the 1.5 update for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  Most of the focus fell upon the updated kill cams, which showed quite a few absolutely brutal takedowns and long range attacks. Bethesda tweeted earlier today that the patch is now available, allowing both Xbox […]Read More


New Skyrim Kill Cameras & More Go Live in 1.5 Update

The mod support from the community in Skyrim is quite impressive.  Mods from just about every single subject matter you can think of have been created, but the community continues to improve their additions.  Not to be outdone, Bethesda has detailed that their 1.5 Beta Update is now available on Steam. While the update is […]Read More