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New Beyond: Two Souls Footage Revealed at Gamescom

Sony first revealed Beyond: Two Souls at this year’s E3 press conference, and it definitely made an impression. Said to focus on the concept of what happens to us after death, the story will follow the life of Jodie Holms as she tries to discover the truth about Aiden, her ghost-like companion. Developed by Quantic Dream, known […]Read More


Screenshots & Gameplay Go Live for Beyond: Two Souls

During the Sony E3 press briefing, Beyond: Two Souls absolutely shocked all that were watching.  While we had announced that Beyond was going to be shown before the show, most individuals weren’t expecting what was actually shown. Beyond: Two Souls comes from Quantic Dream, developer of the popular PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain.  Think the main […]Read More

Mugen Souls Review

Mugen Souls? More like Rock Paper Scissors Souls! Mugen Souls is an exercise in interest in many things Japanese, the chief of which being harakiri. Harakiri is a ritual practiced by samurai where they disembowel themselves on their sword, often due to some sort of disgrace they’ve committed. The foundations in this action RPG are solid, […]Read More