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Dillon has been writing for almost half a decade now and has slowly worked himself up the ladder. At one point he single-handedly covered PAX East and E3. (Yeah, he's kind of awesome.) The staff might still consider him a baby, but you can find him and his witty sarcasm on Twitter @Kamikaze8.


ZombiU Gamescom Trailer Continues To Astound

The ZombiU trailer which debuted at E3 was one of my favorite trailers of the show and perhaps of all time. So the bar was pretty high when Ubisoft Montpellier was tasked with creating another one. They have not disappointed with their Gamescom trailer. “Should the ravens ever leave the Tower of London, the White Tower will crumble […]Read More


New Beyond: Two Souls Footage Revealed at Gamescom

Sony first revealed Beyond: Two Souls at this year’s E3 press conference, and it definitely made an impression. Said to focus on the concept of what happens to us after death, the story will follow the life of Jodie Holms as she tries to discover the truth about Aiden, her ghost-like companion. Developed by Quantic Dream, known […]Read More


Half-Life 3 to be Unveiled at Gamescom

No, we’re not pulling your chain.  After years of anticipation, Valve will finally announce Half-Life 3 and bring many fans to their knees with tears of joy.  Okay, so maybe people won’t exactly cry.  However, we can definitely confirm quite a few fist pumps happening due to the confirmation. The news comes from after scanning the […]Read More

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Microsoft Not Taking Part in TGS or Gamescom

During Microsoft’s E3 press conference, there seemed to be quite a bit more focus on services as compared to games.  While Microsoft did announce a few great services for Xbox Live members, fans were hoping to see the emergence of new IPs. While Halo, Gears, and a few other series received love through E3, speculation […]Read More