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Dillon has been writing for almost half a decade now and has slowly worked himself up the ladder. At one point he single-handedly covered PAX East and E3. (Yeah, he's kind of awesome.) The staff might still consider him a baby, but you can find him and his witty sarcasm on Twitter @Kamikaze8.

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Hyperkin Ships Game Genie, Cheat Device for PS3

Though it was featured at E3, Hyperkin’s newest device, the Game Genie: Save Editor for PS3, didn’t make huge headlines alongside many of the conference’s other premiers. That being said, this little gadget could bring us back to the days of GameShark and cheat-code websites–an era this writer has personally been nostalgic for ever since […]Read More


Bethesda Teases New Announcement With Screenshot

Earlier today, Bethesda posted a picture today that has the internet up in arms. Speculation states that it could be from Skyrim DLC, a new Fallout, or Dishonored footage. The text accompanied with the picture simply reads “tomorrow” and nothing else.  The character looks very similar to the standard “Nord” character in Skyrim, but doesn’t […]Read More


Razer’s Project Fiona May Change Gaming

We’ve seen some rather dramatic shifts in gaming the past five years, but Razer’s Project Fiona has the ability to shake up the market even more.  While we’ve seen the emergence of tablet or mobile gaming increase by incredible amounts, Razer has a rather perfect idea for gamers in mind. If you haven’t read up […]Read More