Next ‘State of Decay’ DLC already in development

Recently, Undead Labs released the Breakdown downloadable content for State of Decay. While users on both Xbox Live and various PCs are enjoying it, Undead Labs already has something additional in the works. During our correspondence with Undead Labs regarding our review for Breakdown, which is currently under way, we were directly informed that new DLC was already […]Read More


‘Killzone Mercenary’ updates outlined, free maps incoming

With the release of Killzone Mercenary, the Playstation Vita finally received the shooter that it deserved. With solid gameplay mechanics and a multiplayer well worth playing, a steady stream of content is key for the game’s multiplayer to survive. Today on the Playstation Blog the next few update for Killzone Mercenary were outlined. For those […]Read More


Xbox One Twitch streaming won’t be available at launch

For Playstation 4 owners, one of the biggest joys for owners with high enough bandwidth has been the seamless streaming capabilities to Twitch.TV. Unfortunately, Xbox One owners won’t be experiencing the same joys at the launch of the system. Microsoft has confirmed today that the Xbox One will not have the ability to stream via […]Read More