Darksiders II Release Date & Pre-Order Incentives

If you’re thinking about pre-ordering Darksiders II from Best Buy, Amazon, or Gamestop maybe I can help you make your decision.  THQ announced the pre-order incentives this morning on their forums. The pre-order incentive varies with each individual retailer.   Continue reading below for the full list of details for each pre-order incentive from the […]Read More


We Were Right: NeverDead Dead On Arrival

It’s always nice to be vindicated.  Last week, on the first ever episode of  StickSkillsRadio, host Dave Searles and I speculated based on pre-release media that NeverDead just isn’t going to be a compelling game.  It’s been released today, and there aren’t a lot of positive things being said about it.  I’m not really sure […]Read More


GameStop Sale : Most Titles Between $10-$30 off

GameStop is obviously trying to stimulate first quarter sales; the expected older titles are marked way down, but there are some pretty impressive bundles as well. They’re offering a 250GB Xbox 360 bundled with the actual Kinect sensor,  Kinect Adventures and Carnival games (20 different games for Kinect) all for $350 (instead of $399). My […]Read More