Vita’s PlayStation Plus offerings, release date announced

Vita owners everywhere should drop what they’re doing (except their handhelds…) and feast their hungry eyes on the blowout of offerings Sony is making to Plus subscribers. Ladies and gentleman, the following is the US list of free games with the EU details written below: Unfortunately for Europe (and Australia), WipEout 2048, Jet Set Radio and Final Fantasy Tactics […]Read More


New GTA story details, in-game screenshots

A buttload of information about Rockstar’s newest instalment to their flagship franchise, Grand Theft Auto V, has been revealed in Game Informer‘s latest December issue of their digital magazine. Namely, the game will feature three main protagonists: Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Interestingly, each of these characters will supposedly be available to play at any time, as the player will […]Read More


The first round of Wii U reviews hit the public

Popular UK magazine GamesMaster has reviewed Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U, both being launch titles for Nintendo’s new home console that’s slated to release on November 30th in that region. In the publication’s latest issue Nintendo Land received an 86%, citing “a heck of a lot more to it” supposedly than what the game may seem. […]Read More