British Retailer Advertises Fake 3DS XL

British retailer HMV has let slip an ad that shows Nintendo’s upcoming hardware release, the 3DS XL, boasting a second circle pad. Except, uh… That’s not true. Found and submitted by a GoNintendo community member, the above image is actually a fan-made mock-up depicting the console that every Nintendo fan wants, but unfortunately won’t be […]Read More


Club Nintendo Offers New Real-Life Trophy Rewards

European Club Nintendo members who’ve managed to rack up 5000 star points or more may be excited to learn that tangible Mario Kart-like trophies are now available for redemption. These 12cmx10cm awards come in three variations: Shell, Leaf and Special cups. Unfortunately, these slick prizes are only available to European members, however here’s hoping other […]Read More


Two “New” 3DS Colours Coming

Let’s face it: the current pink 3DS kind of sucks. Thankfully a new version, titled Shimmer Pink, will be making its way off manufacturing facilities soon along with a new Cerulean Blue. The catch is, at the moment the systems will only be available in Taiwan and Hong Kong, meaning a region lock will be […]Read More


Wii U, 3DS to Utilise Unified User Accounts

According to a statement made by a Nintendo Customer Service representative, the Wii U and eventually the 3DS will share a unified account system for its users. The statement follows: A unified account system will be implemented later this year with the launch of the Wii U. Eventually this same account system will be made […]Read More