Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Preview

In case you missed the memo, Transformers: War for Cybertron was incredible. It took what made Transformers so appealing – the characters, struggles and grand scale of the warring factions – and gave us an action-packed yet entirely character-driven experience. Developer High Moon Studios is wrapping up its production on a sequel, subtitled Fall of […]Read More


Pokédex 3D Pro Gets a Release Date

Been sitting around, scratching your head over how to use the 3DS’ current Pokédex app and what to do with it? Well, Nintendo’s revision of the software will finally be arriving on November 8th of this year via the eShop. As it stands, the current version of Pokédex 3D has left most Pokémaniacs underwhelmed. The […]Read More


Rumor: Wii U Price Coming in September

According to a report by NowGamer, Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDAR) analyst Jesse Divnich believes we’ll know how much money we’ll be giving Nintendo for the Wii U by this September. “I would expect Nintendo to make some form of an official announcement in September,” says Divnich. “Likely around (but not at) the Tokyo Game […]Read More


August is Now the Month of Mario

Just in case you were looking to get some more Mario games into your diet, Nintendo have recently declared this August to be the Month of Mario. In doing this, the Big N will be hosting a four week discount on the 3DS’ eShop featuring a classic title each week leading up to the release […]Read More