Teaser Trailer for Soul Sacrifice Surfaces

Soul Sacrifice, a mysterious PlayStation Vita title, appeared as an ad in Japanese magazine Famitsu a few weeks ago with no explanation or introduction. Normally, the appearance of a new Vita title without a popular franchise tag attached wouldn’t be very interesting, but Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is holding an official announcement event for it in […]Read More


Microsoft Confirms $99 Xbox 360, Requires Two-Year Contact

The previously rumored cheaper, streamlined Xbox 360 has just been confirmed by Microsoft, but not as a standard price cut. The  4GB Kinect-equipped Xbox 360 hardware bundle will be dropped to $99, but a two-year Xbox Live Gold subscription at a cost of $15 a month will be required. Though this is a deal upfront, Microsoft’s latest effort to […]Read More


Dragon’s Dogma Preview

If there’s one thing that both Capcom games and hack and slash titles have in common, it’s a tendency to be linear, guided experiences that hinge on a strong character. Devil May Cry, Onimusha, God Hand – if Capcom’s behind the wheel of a game with a sharp weapon in it, expect narrow paths and […]Read More


Criterion Looking for Help on “AAA” Arcade Racing Title

Criterion Games, the speed junkies behind the heralded Burnout franchise, has some unfinished business in the racing genre. The development studio recently posted a few job advertisements for its next game, and while not confirmed, all sources point toward the continuation of its staple series. “Criterion Games is looking for talented Cinematic Artists to work on the world’s number one, multi […]Read More