Sony Announces Plans To Buyback Over $900 Million Of Their

Sony, the parent company of PlayStation, has announced their first buyback in over 16 years. The company plans to repurchase up to 30 million shares totaling ¥100 billion which roughly translates to $911 million dollars. Sony currently has a market cap of around $50 billion. If the entire share repurchase plan is executed, the company […]Read More


EA Stock Surges 16% As New Game Apex Legends Takes

Electronic Arts (EA) ends a rollercoaster week with one of their best trading days ever with the stock up over 16% in one day. Just 2 days before, the stock had fallen over 15% on a weak earnings report that included disappointing guidance for 2019. Today was a completely different story as Wall Street cheered […]Read More


Why EA Sports Games Like Madden, FIFA, and NHL Never

You hear it all the time, “If only EA would dedicate more resources to improving gameplay, adding more features, and developing existing modes like Franchise mode, they would make so much more money!” Comments like these can be found from passionate (but ultimately naive) fans all over social media. It’s safe to say that the […]Read More