Mark of the Ninja Review

Hiding from someone is not particularly difficult. If they’re on one side of the room and you’re on the other, you just get behind something, which obstructs their vision–simple; especially in the dark. And yet a game most of us have played is hide and go seek. When you see the seeker running around, checking […]Read More


Code of Princess Trailer Shows off Co-Op

Atlus was all over the Nintendo DS and have shipped around 40 games on the handheld device in North America from the popular Trauma Center to the cult-favorite Etrian Odyssey. The 3DS’s game library is still growing, but with Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked standing out as a well-liked 3DS game (though it is […]Read More

Legasista Review

Few video game genres are as well-traveled as the dungeon crawler. We’ve seen variations from the corest-of-core action RPGs like Diablo III all the way to the platformer-roguelike Spelunky. Legasista, the latest release from ClaDun developers System Prisma, takes the traditional dungeon crawler, adds in a convoluted health and durability system and drops the whole […]Read More