‘Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army’ Coming to Consoles

There might be too many games where you shoot zombies. And too many where you shoot Nazis. But not enough where you shoot Nazi zombies, it seems. At least that will change on consoles, as developer Rebellion Developments has announced that the Nazi Zombie Army spinoff of the Sniper Elite series will be hitting consoles. […]Read More


Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection shutting down this May

Did you ever have a fun moment playing your favorite Nintendo Wii or DS games online? Well, now you’ve got until this May to do it again before the plug is pulled. Nintendo has announced that on May 20th, 2014, the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection services will cease operation. This means that the online features in […]Read More


Tony Hawk Tuesdays

So here I am. Doing everything I can. I love the Tony Hawk franchise. It’s probably my favorite franchise in gaming, and I’d put easily Tony Hawk’s Underground on my top games ever. I know more about the franchise than I know about the man himself. It’s a franchise I’m very passionate about, maybe to […]Read More