Valve Announces Steam Greenlight

The folks over at Valve are taking a chance on something new yet again. Earlier today they announced a new system, entitled Steam Greenlight, which is supposed to give more control to both indie developers and Steam users. At the end of next August, independent development teams will be able to submit their games to […]Read More


Activision is Working on a Walking Dead First-Person Shooter

If Telltale’s adventure game adaptation of The Walking Dead isn’t enough to satisfy your need for zombie killing, you’ll be able to satisfy your bloodlust soon enough. The folks over at IGN had the scoop on Activision’s attempt at The Walking Dead franchise, and it sounds pretty interesting. The game, which is being developed by Terminal Reality, will […]Read More


Tales of Xillia Will Make Its Way Westward

Namco Bandai announced earlier today that the next installment of their Tales RPG series will eventually be released in North America in 2013. The status of Tales of Xillia had been unknown, as dwindling sales have made Namco Bandai hesitant to localize their more niche titles. This isn’t too surprising considering the rate at which they release these […]Read More