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‘Primal Carnage’ DLC announced

After launching last month, Primal Carnage has seen quite a bit of success. With some positive reviews under their belt, including my own, the folks at Lukewarm Media are hoping to keep the interest going with DLC. The first major piece will add a new objective based mode referred to as Get to the Chopper. […]Read More

Primal Carnage Review

Primal Carnage is a class-based multiplayer shooter from the folks at Lukewarm Media. This time around, fantasy meets pre-history as humans fight off marauding dinosaurs. A few weeks ago I wrote a beta preview, and not much has changed mechanically since then. Much of the retail content will be similar, so for a more in-depth explanation of the […]Read More


‘Primal Carnage’ launching next week

The hot, Dinosaur-on-human action of Primal Carnage may be in beta now, but hungry players will be rewarded next week with the release of the full game. Anyone who pre-ordered the PC title pis probably eating humans online as we speak, but that $15 pre-order will soon be fulfilled by the launch of this class-based shooter. […]Read More


‘Primal Carnage’ enters open beta

We’ve been following team-based shooter Primal Carnage for a few months now, and the dinosaur infested madness has finally begun with an open beta. For those who don’t know, the game pits humans against dinosaurs, with both sides currently possessing five deadly classes. Anyone who has pre-ordered the game should already have access to the beta, so stop […]Read More