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‘Guild Wars 2’ is the fastest selling MMO ever

Guild Wars 2 is now the fastest selling MMO in history, according ArenaNet and DFC Intelligence, “a strategic market research and consulting firm focused on interactive entertainment.” The results from DFC Intelligence are “based on initial nine months unit sales (physical plus digital), against PC pay to play games, including North America, Australia and Europe,” […]Read More


Free ‘Guild Wars 2’ trial this weekend

ArenaNet announced on its official Guild Wars 2 website that it will be conducting its second free trial weekend for its latest MMO. The free trial period will run from April 19-21. To gain access to the trial, ArenaNet has partnered with various websites. Should you be lucky enough to receive a key from them, […]Read More


‘Guild Wars 2’ coming to Mac

Mac gamers unite! As announced on the game’s website, Guild Wars 2, the online fantasy RPG, is making its way to Mac. The Mac version of Guild Wars 2 will host all the same features and connect to the same network of servers as its PC counterpart. Better yet, if you’ve already purchased the game […]Read More


Official Kinect Star Wars Achievements List

In a few short weeks, Kinect Star Wars will be available for your purchase.  While the game includes the classic Star Wars moments that you’re anticipating playing, it’s also going to include a dance mode of sorts.  That may be a plus or a minus based on your individual gaming tastes, however. Thanks to our […]Read More