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‘Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches’ launches Aug. 13

The third DLC for Arkane Studios’ 2012 surprise hit Dishonored, The Brigmore Witches, will release Aug. 13. The story add-on will drop on PlayStation Network and PC for $9.99 and Xbox Live for 800 Microsoft Points. Publisher Bethesda teased the DLC on Monday with concept art before the full reveal today; the second story DLC […]Read More


New ‘Dishonored’ DLC coming April 16

The next piece of Dishonored DLC will launch worldwide on April 16th. The Knife of Dunwall will hit the PC, PS3, and 360 simultaneously, and cost $10 or 800 Microsoft Points respectively. The description involves some minor spoilers, so be warned. Players will take control of Daud, the leader of the infamous group of assassins, The Whalers. Regretting […]Read More


Leaked trophies suggest ‘Dishonored’ story DLC

It’s been a while since we talked about the amazing Dishonored but you might want to go back to it after you’ve finished it. Some leaked trophies have indicated we might be getting some story DLC soon. PS3trophies have indicated the DLC might be called ‘The Other Side of the Coin’. Here’s a list of […]Read More