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‘Beyond: Two Souls’ Preview: Uniquely familiar

Beyond: Two Souls doesn’t launch until October 8, but with the demo now on the PlayStation Network, I took some time to play (and replay) what Quantic Dream had to showcase. For those that don’t know, Beyond: Two Souls centers around a woman’s life from early childhood into young adulthood named Jodie Holmes, played by […]Read More


‘Beyond: Two Souls’ demo out on October 1

David Cage’s follow-up to Heavy Rain is a little over a month away but there’s excitement for more narrative, quick-time action with Beyond: Two Souls. If you’re on the fence about it, you’ll be able to try out a demo weeks before its October 24 release. In a PlayStation Blog update, the demo will be […]Read More


‘Beyond: Two Souls’ Gamescom trailer

A new trailer for Beyond: Two Souls, this time from Gamescom, titled “Beautiful Drama,” has surfaced. The trailer, like many others for Beyond: Two Souls, features gameplay as well as interviews with key actors in the game Ellen Paige and Willem Dafoe. Much of the gameplay is has been shown previously, but Paige is keen […]Read More


‘Beyond: Two Souls’ to be 10 hours long

While presenting a portion of Beyond: Two Souls at the Tribeca Film Festival, Quantic Dream head David Cage revealed the game’s estimated length. Cage claims most players will finish by the ten hour mark, and he predicts most will play Beyond to completion. Considering the length of most big-budget story driven games nowadays, the length makes sense. Whether […]Read More


‘Beyond: Two Souls’ box art unveiled

Beyond: Two Souls is still six months away, but we now have some official box art. Taking cues from more cinematic promotional gear, star Ellen Page fills most of the cover, with both her and Willem Dafoe’s names displayed prominently. Beyond is Quantic Dream’s latest experiment in interactive storytelling, which tells the story of Jodie Holmes, […]Read More