NHL 21 Patch 1.5 Full Details

 NHL 21 Patch 1.5 Full Details

A new patch is coming to NHL 21 on all systems, tomorrow, March 4th. This update focuses on adding content to the World of CHEL as well as some added/updated uniforms.

We’ve got the full details below!

World of CHEL

  • Added additional content into WoC for upcoming Chel Challenges.


The following uniforms have been added or updated in NHL 21

  • Washington Capitals Alternate Uniform
  • Oshawa Generals Alternate Uniform
  • Chicoutimi Sagueneens Alternate Uniform
  • Prince George Cougars Alternate Uniform

This news comes from EA Sports’ NHL 21 community manager, Clappy.

What do you want to see in the next NHL 21 update? Let us know in the comments!

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Joey Fernquist

What do you want to see in the next NHL 21 update?

A better game, like NHL14.


Fix the morale bug in franchise ffs


Fix better goalies in hut.


A way to make the game not all about crosspass and onetimers.

Return to the nhl 14 gamefeeling

Michael Helin

All the Reverse Retro jersey templates in Create A Team

Robert smitty

Fix the snipe shot for goalies so we can actually move to stop shot