Where To Find All The Madden 21 Playbooks

 Where To Find All The Madden 21 Playbooks

If you aren’t around your console or if you want to get a jump on finding the best playbook for you in Madden 21, Madden School has put together a resource that has all of the playbooks, formations, and plays in the game.

You can find the perfect playbook for your team using the Madden 21 Playbook Tool!

You can take a look at both offense and defense as well as a cool new feature where you can search for up to 5 different formations/plays.

For example, you may want to find a defensive playbook that has both 3-4 Odd, and Big Nickel Over G.

Or maybe you want to find a playbook with Gun Trips TE – Inside Cross, Gun Doubles, and Singleback Ace – HB Dive. This tool can handle that.

Some of the best offensive playbooks this year look to be the Arizona Cardinals, Carolina Panthers, And New Orleans Saints but you’ll have to see which work best for you.

What playbooks are you most excited about in this year’s game?

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