The Best Guide for Madden 18 To Help You Win More Games


Madden 18 is out now and our friends at Madden School already have some of the best tips and tricks for you to get started!  We’ve put together a few of their helpful videos so you can quickly learn the best plays in the game.

We’ll start first with an offensive strategy in to help you move the ball in the passing game.

The next play to go over is an effective blitz that you can use whenever you want to get pressure in Madden 18.  It is only a 4 man rush.

Madden School offers immediate access to 70+ of the best plays in Madden 18 via their Madden School Unlimited package.  It gets you every Madden 18 strategy guide they release for an entire year.

Good luck in your journey for Madden NFL 18 dominance!

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