These Madden 18 Cheats Will Make You A Better Gamer

 These Madden 18 Cheats Will Make You A Better Gamer

If you want to become a better Madden 18 player, there are certain tips and cheats that you will need to know.

Pro Madden players have long known how to take advantage of the AI.  The money plays and nano blitzes they use in tournaments can make even the most inexperienced players a force in Madden NFL 18.

Websites like Madden School provide Madden 18 tips and cheats with the goal to get every player to a level where they can beat their friends in any game mode.

The first thing you will want to do is to find the right playbook for your play style.  If you are more of a run first player, you will want a running playbook.  If you are more of a passer, find a playbook that features route combinations that work for you.

Get comfortable with your playbook on both offense and defense.  You should have multiple plays for every situation.  Once you have that, you can then get into money plays, nano blitzes, and cheats.

The problem that most people run into is that they try to use glitches exclusively to win.  Any good player will be able to shut down your cheats unless you mix them in every now and then with the rest of your Madden 18 scheme.

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