The Ultimate Madden 16 Strategy Guide

 The Ultimate Madden 16 Strategy Guide

Madden 16 is finally here!  That means that the strategy guides, ebooks, and tips will start slowly but surely rolling out.  The best one is already out.  The video above is nuts and shows the mad scientists over at Madden-School.com going through a few of the plays in their Madden School Unlimited area which gives you access to an offensive  guide, a defensive guide and every other strategy guide they provide during the Madden 16 season.

It’s great if you are a serious gamer but not everyone wants to drop extra cash to get better at Madden 16, so here are some of the free Madden 16 strategies they released that will give you a solid head start on the competition today.  These plays are only designed to work on Madden 16 for PlayStation 4 and XBOX One so if you have an older game or an older console, you are out of luck.

Here is the first running play that they recommend you start off with in Madden NFL 16.

After you have that down, you can move onto a play called, “Strong Power.”  Anyone who played Madden 15 knows about the dread Strong Power running play and it is back in Madden 16.  They go over how to run it below.

Let’s move onto some passing plays.  We’ll start first with a classic way to beat man to man defense which is historically Cover 2 Man.  You’ll see a lot of that defense in Madden 16.

We’ll now move onto the other common defense you’ll see this year, the cover 3.  You absolutely need a way to beat it consistently.  If you don’t know how, this could be a long season for you.

And now finally defense.  Specifically nano blitzes which it seems is the only type of defense people care about in Madden 16 but I will save my rant about that for some other time.  Here are a few good blitzes they recommend.

That one was out of the 5-2 Normal formation, but the next one gets a lot of defensive backs on the football field.  You’ll need to call the Quarters Normal formation to do this play.

If you are hardcore into Madden like this or you just don’t want to waste a bunch of time trying to figure out what works in Madden 16 when you pick up your game, you should check out their Madden 16 Unlimited option.

Do you plan on picking up a Madden 16 guide?  Leave a comment below.

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