How Penalties Will Be Different in Madden NFL 16


For the longest time the only penalties you would ever see called in Madden games were holding, offsides, false start, and pass interference every now and then.  That is all going to change in Madden 16.  EA Sports has decided to add a bunch of penalties into Madden 16 that you see every Sunday in the NFL.

Here is a full list of the penalties that can be found in Madden NFL 16:

  • Encroachment
  • False Start
  • Offensive Holding
  • Facemask
  • Defensive Pass Interference
  • Illegal Block in the Back
  • Neutral Zone Infraction
  • Defensive Holding
  • Illegal Forward Pass
  • Illegal Touching
  • Delay of Game
  • Kick Catch Interference
  • Running into the Kicker
  • Unnecessary Roughness
  • Roughing the Passer

Realistic penalties is something that Madden fans have long been asking for.  However, it is a double edged sword.  While it absolutely adds to realism, there is nothing worse than making a huge play but then being called back simply because the game randomly decides to call a holding penalty on your offensive line.  Now instead of only a few penalties where that can happen, there are almost 20.

Every player in Madden 16 will have a penalty rating which determines how often they are penalized.  That will be based on real world data collected each week from the NFL.

Depending on the strategies you implement in the game, you will be more or less likely to commit a penalty.  For example, cornerbacks in press coverage are more likely to commit a defensive holding penalty.

You will have the ability to customize how often penalties are called via custom sliders so if you don’t like all the frequency with which flag are being thrown, you can make a few adjustments until the gameplay experience is just the way you want it.

  1. Besides illegal touching and unecassary roughness all of those have been in the game!You just have to sliders and turn everything on 60 and adjust threshold and everything to all Madden levels cause out the box settings are for novice and rookies level players!Block the back they always called clipping as well.Im a all Madden pro and we dont play if penalties are at least 60,threshold 0-9,etc .Gotta step you game up

    1. Aren’t at least 60.What Madden needed to fix was its cpu AI.You cant have a real franchise because the cpu does the dumbest stuff,.For example free agents every offseason youll have a pool of almost all the top free agents and dince i have absolutely zero interest in owner mode since they murdered it after 2012 or doing financial business like hot dogs etc i skip owner mode.The only way i or most of my friends go back to owner mode is if they brought back Madden 11 and 12 team relocation and the ability to completely design my own jerseys as well.I play cap of im a transplant patient and im trying to focus more the game offline multiplayer with fam and friends and online custom franchise with strangers and friends.

      1. Good point. I know a lot of franchises do mess around with sliders to make the game more realistic. However, I do think there is something to be said for having more penalties called by default so that the 95% of Madden gamers who don’t mess around with sliders can have realistic penalties called as well.

        1. Good point!Thats true i feel you but i was madden to make their games like 2k had a license to and were about to take football as they have bball.Just stop the yearly gold and silver plating

      2. they can fix the cpu situation by copying nfl2k5 and purepool where the cpu is simulating a gamer profile. For example, all of your tendencies and gameplay style is saved in your profile (if you like to run on 3rd down etc) and i would be able to play your profile and it would actually simulate playing you

  2. The slant pass,and the fact that garbage wrs and cbs with speed can dominate with hardly any talent,or still under developed qbs low talent qbs can do close to What talent qbs can do instead of coming in and having significant drop off etc.That needs to be fixed as well as te,wr blocking doesn’t matter in the run game and youll never draft a wr,te,fb,or rb who can block(everybody cant have awesome run games but the te,wr,fb,or hb cant block?Most 300 to 400 pound players are generated with less than 84 strength in the nfl lol madden yearly draft poolno front 7 zone attributes drafted or press or man?Db/wr interaction sucks every fast corner can defend the best or stop the jump ball and every fast wr will beat press and be 10 yeards down field.All any corner has to do is run jump and hold square and play over,speed so overwhelms talent in madden.Safeties are slower than lb’s,te’s,rb’s,wr’s and some ends all ?Qbs generated are mostly the same no aware,no deep pass,etc,wr’s no route running etc,back etc are crazy.Player editing needs to return,anddevelopment,potential and actually being able to see the ratings difference and skill difference in the game instead or simulation only would be good.Lb’s and des shouldnt be hanging covering wr’s ,Jamal charles etc.3-4 players dt shouold improve.350 Dt should be doubled by a 290 center ,lineman have to move instead of warp to address blitzing Lb’s,press last more than a second and Doesn’t put skilled players at dis advantage vs fast garbage players on the fieldat least instant game changers generated etc

  3. What I’d like to see them fix in Madden games is when you continue to get pressure on the QB’s and what looks like it should be a fumble by the QB, becomes an incomplete pass instead. Very rarely do I see it called a fumble when you obviously blitzed the QB and his arm clearly wasn’t going forward.

    This used to happen much more in the past games several years ago it seems. That needs to be fixed for sure.

    1. Ikr the ball squirts out and it looks strange they need better animation where qb tucks and braces for hit, bobbles the ball (so defense can hit him for a fumble) or his arm swings forward with empty hand (fumble)

  4. I have been playing maden since the beginning (1989) over the years I have seen the evolution take leaps then baby steps. I appreciate the development teams earnestly taking input from the people that actually play the game. This year look like a leap year in improvement.

  5. I would like to see at the beginning of the season the stadiums that have Major League baseball games like (Oakland) have the baseball diamond still on part of the football field. That would add another texture of realism.

  6. As for penalties what about hitting a defenseless reveiver? I don’t see that on the list of penalties. It’s a stupid rule but it is part of all of football now, youth league, highschool, college, and NFL.

  7. Randomly generated penalties are the worst part of madden, they make no sense at all. In real life you have people making mistakes, in madden the game just screws you over at random. Madden players asking for more realistic penalties sounds made up to me.

  8. They should make penalties nonrandom, like if you repeatedly hit stick high throughout the game then maybe there is a face mask. Penalties should be avoidable through good gameplay. This is nonsense. And all those who are for making madden “more realistic” via taking control away from the people playing madden, are foolish

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