Madden NFL 16 New Screenshots and Game Information Trickle Out

 Madden NFL 16 New Screenshots and Game Information Trickle Out

8 new screenshots have trickled out for Madden NFL 16 showing off players like Calvin Johnson, Patrick Peterson, Richard Sherman, Andre Johnson, Andrew Luck, Rob Gronkowski, and more.

We are also getting a report from Madden School that you will now be able to throw back shoulder fades and touch passes in Madden 16.  I am sure that will make offenses much harder to stop but it is a change that was long overdue.  Elite quarterbacks in the NFL have been using the back shoulder fade for many years now.  This will be a huge deal if EA Sports does it correctly.

It seems EA Sports is really focusing on changing up the passing game with new interactions between wide receivers and defensive backs.  It ties in with Madden 16’s catch phrase, “Be a Playmaker.” You can find the latest Madden 16 screenshots below.

What do you want to see in Madden NFL 16? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Mike Pereira

Looks like the ultra rendered shots that they post before launch which looks nothing like the actual game. Always laugh when they show some kind of trailer of some QB or RB in the fourth quarter marching down a field in some kind of suspenseful of dramatic way with all the great lights and shadows and player movement looks so real. And then come to find out it’s just a CGI rendering of the game and not actual game footage. EA spends more money on propaganda and buying favorable media reports and squashing real gamer reviews than actually developing a… Read more »

Maine Sr.

I been playing Madden since 1991 and I have no complaints about how much it changed over the years. I play connected careers and I don’t see what other players talking about when complaining about the game. I’m 10 years in my franchise 3 superbowls and good draft prospects. Maybe you need to learn how to scout players better. Look at their intangible and development I think it is, before looking at their other attributes. As far you saying it is just a roster update I personally don’t see that especially when impact rookies come in and make a splash… Read more »