5 Madden NFL 15 Tips Videos That Will Make You Better Immediately

 5 Madden NFL 15 Tips Videos That Will Make You Better Immediately

This year’s Madden game, Madden 15, is noticeably harder than previous years.  Scoring more than 20 points is incredibly difficult against anyone who is decently skilled.  The days of beating man coverage by just throwing 50 yard streak routes are over.

We need a few ways to move the ball on offense, as well as knowing what defenses work best.

We’ve picked out 5 of the best Madden 15 tips and strategy videos that are easy to understand and will help you take you improve.

Let’s first start with a play that works really well to stop outside runs like HB Toss or HB Stretch.  These are the types of running plays you will see most often online so you will need a good way to stop them.

Now that we have a way to stop runs in Madden 15, lets review a way to stop the passing game.  One of the most common ways you will see is through what is called a “nano blitz.”  This one has zone coverage behind it.

The next Madden 15 nano blitz we found only rushes 4 guys and usually gets a guy free on the right.  This one has man to man defense behind it.  It also has a good way to stop those dreaded drag routes.

Lets talk offense.  Moving the ball downfield is way to difficult in Madden 15 but if you have money plays things get a lot easier.  This is a great passing play that can get you 20 yards at a time.

This last video goes over a play from the Madden School Defensive Strategy Guide for Madden 15.  Even if you aren’t into buying Madden 15 strategy guides or ebooks, this free play is dynamite so make sure to check out the setup and use it to crush your opponents.

These 5 tips should get you started in your quest to get better in Madden 15.  If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.

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