Develop The Perfect Madden 15 Offensive Strategy in 4 Steps

 Develop The Perfect Madden 15 Offensive Strategy in 4 Steps

Have you ever played someone who seems to have a counter for every defense you throw at them?  Regardless of whether it is Madden 25, or the upcoming Madden 15 game, there are gamers who have perfected their strategy on offense so much that they truly are unstoppable.  The tips below will explain how you can build an offensive scheme like the pros in Madden NFL 15.

These 4 steps are designed to work for Madden NFL 15 on the PlayStation 3, XBOX 360, PlayStation 4, and XBOX One.

Step 1 – Carefully Select The Team You Will Use

This is the most important step.  If you pick a bad team, you really have no chance of competing at a high level.  More importantly, you need to pick a team that you are comfortable using.  If your starting running back gets injured, do you know whether his replacement is a speed back or a power back?  If you jump around between all of the team in Madden 15, chances are you would have no idea.  If you stick to 1 team, over time you will know every last detail.  Things like which routes your receivers run best, if your fullback can pick up that crucial 4th and 2, or who your fastest backup pass rusher is can make the difference between winning and losing.

Step 2 – Identify and Practice An Offensive Scheme

It is way too common to play against a team online that is built for running the ball (49ers, Seahawks, Vikings) and to see 70-80% passing.  If you pick a running team, develop an offense that allows you to take advantage of your strengths.  If you pick an obvious passing team like the Broncos, you shouldn’t choose a playbook like run heavy.  Once you identify your playbook and your favorite formations within that playbook, you will want to move onto to developing your offense.  You should strive to have every play in a formation look the same to your opponent before the snap.  If you have an awesome passing play where you motion a wide receiver across the field, any running play you call from that formation should have the same receiver running to the same spot pre-snap.  Once you have a bunch of plays that work and all look the exact same, your opponent is in trouble.

Step 3 – Constantly Add More Layers To Your Offense

If you follow step 1 and 2 correctly you are in a great position to eventually have an unstoppable offense in Madden 15.  However, unless you are already very experienced with past Madden games you still might struggle.  If you find yourself losing games because your opponent has some good plays, simply watch the replays and take note of what your opponent is doing and use it for yourself.  This is as easy as ever with the recording options on the PlayStation 4 and XBOX One.  You can also create a custom playbook in order to add plays and schemes that you take from past opponents.  Add your favorite Madden 15 tips and schemes that you pick up online into your playbook.   After a few games and half an hour of internet browsing, you should have an offense that is incredibly hard to stop in Madden 15.

Step 4 – Save Your Best Money Plays Until The End Of The Game

Steps 1 and 2 set up your foundation.  Eventually when you take enough time with step 3, you become a very good Madden player.  Step 4 gets you from good to great.  It is all about saving your best plays until the very end of the game or for situations that you desperately need to move the ball.  A good Madden player is going to use up his best plays in the first 3 quarters, get to the 4th quarter and try to keep using them.  That is the time where a great Madden 15 gamer will destroy him.  If you want to be great, you should have a few plays to use when you really need them late in the game.  If you want to at the very elite level of Madden, you can go one step further.  You call one play every time your have a 3rd and short situation the entire game lets call it Strong Tight Pair – HB Stretch.  In a crucial situation like 3rd and 3 with a tie game in the 4th quarter, you come out in the same  Strong Tight Pair Formation but you have an awesome play action money play called.  Any good opponent is going to sell out on the run since that is all you have showed the entire game.  When you mix your opponent selling out on 1 thing and you calling one of your best plays into the same equation, that usually results in a free touchdown.

If you follow the 4 steps above, you will notice that over time your offense becomes unstoppable.  It won’t happen overnight but when it does happen, Madden 15 will become a much more enjoyable game.

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