‘Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army’ Coming to Consoles

 ‘Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army’ Coming to Consoles

There might be too many games where you shoot zombies. And too many where you shoot Nazis. But not enough where you shoot Nazi zombies, it seems.

At least that will change on consoles, as developer Rebellion Developments has announced that the Nazi Zombie Army spinoff of the Sniper Elite series will be hitting consoles. Specifics weren’t named but it will apparently be more than ‘just a repackaging’ of the two existing games.

A publisher has yet to be determined, as the original Nazi Zombie Army titles were self-published by Rebellion themselves on Steam, but given how publisher 505 Games published the console versions of Sniper Elite V2, they might not be a bad guess.

The original Nazi Zombie Army was released exclusively on Steam back in February 2013, with a sequel simply titled Nazi Zombie Army 2 releasing in October of the same year. Platforms, a release date, and a price point for the console port have not been detailed as of yet.

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