StickSkills Radio Ep 71: Bravely Default, Threes, Jazzpunk & The Wolf Among Us spoilercast


It’s a packed show this week, with some interesting news finally showing up as well as a handful of new games. We quickly run through a few news stories, including Call of Duty’s new development cycle, The Order 1886 being singleplayer only, Ground Zeroes’ length and of course the bizarre craze that is/was Flappy Bird.

In games we discuss Threes on iOS, Dustforce on Vita, Jazzpunk, Bravely Default and then we end the show with a spoilercast of The Wolf Among Us Episode 2: Smoke & Mirrors.

And with that this run of StickSkills Radio comes to an end, as I will be stepping down as host and producer. It’s been a great year or so making this podcast, I hope you enjoyed listening as much as we enjoyed making it. Until next time, thanks for listening.

Huge thanks to Simon Viklund for writing out amazing new theme music. Check out his website:

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Hosted, produced & edited by:

Ross Adams (@randomlyrossy)

Co-hosted by:

Perry Jackson (@prryjcksn – FunHaversClub)

Chris Hague (@chrishague)

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