Final ‘Madden NFL 25’ Roster Update Details

 Final ‘Madden NFL 25’ Roster Update Details

The final roster update of Madden NFL 25 has been released today on the PlayStation 3, PlayStaton 4, XBOX 360, and XBOX One.  It includes some significant ratings boosts to the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks as well as some ratings decreases to the Denver Broncos.

There are also a bunch of various minor rating changes to other players on NFL teams around the league.

Most importantly to hardcore Madden NFL 25 gamers is that this roster update resets player injuries and depth charts so players who were on injured reserve and taken off the depth chart will get their spot back.

Here are some of the notable ratings changes:

  • Russell Wilson – Up 2 points to 94 overall
  • Chris Clemons – Up 2 points to 87 overall
  • Russell Okung – Up 2 points to 91 overall
  • Peyton Manning – Down 1 point to 98 overall
  • Eric Decker – Down 2 points to 89 overall
  • Champ Bailey – Down 3 points to 88 overall

You can download the full spreadsheet for the latest roster update here.

Which player(s) deserve a higher rating? Who is overrated? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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bernard Tolbert

hey do u have any madden from 07 to 11download rosters