Content Update Planned For ‘NBA Live 14’ On PS4 and XBOX One

 Content Update Planned For ‘NBA Live 14’ On PS4 and XBOX One

There is big news today coming out of the EA Tiburon studios in Orlando, Florida.  The executive producer of NBA Live 14, Sean O’Brein, has announced that there will be a content update for NBA Live 14.

EA Sports has recently been using all kinds of creative language to avoid calling these updates “patches.”  It may be due to the fact that Battlefield 4 had so many problems, or that the word “patch” implies that the game had flaws to begin with.  So whether they call it a content update, a title update, a patch, or something else, the end result is going to be a better game and that is always a good thing.

Will it get to the level of the NBA 2K series with this update? Not a chance but it will address some key issues.

  • Will add shootaround
  • Visual upgrades
  • Gameplay improvements
  • Other minor details

You can view the information in more detail at this NBA Live 14 blog post.

EDIT: EA Sports NBA Live has confirmed to us that the content update will be released early next week.

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