Playstation 4 firmware update 1.60 announced

 Playstation 4 firmware update 1.60 announced

Sony has announced details regarding an upcoming firmware update for the Playstation 4. The main addition will come in the form of headset compatibility, namely for Sony’s line of Plus branded headsets. A new version in the Pulse line, the Gold Wireless Headset, has also been revealed.

Expected to go on sale early this month, the Gold Wireless Headset promises 7.1 surround sound and an eight hour battery life, but what’s more intriguing are the “custom sound profiles.” These will apparently be custom modes created by developers specifically for use with Pulse headsets.

The press release doesn’t give any real details on these profiles, but we do know Infamous: Second Son will be the first title to use one. Gold Wireless Headsets will retail for $99, and the firmware update is expected in the next 24 hours.

Via Joystiq

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