EA also paid YouTubers for positive coverage

 EA also paid YouTubers for positive coverage

Microsoft is already dealing with a wave of internet hate as we learn about its stealth marketing deal with Machinima, and it seems Electronic Arts might get caught in the wake. A post on NeoGaf reveals details regarding a similarly structured campaign run by EA, focusing on new releases like Battlefield 4 and Plants Vs. Zombies 2.

Requirements laid out in the deal include the expected bullet points, like using in-game footage and providing a link to the game’s official site. But more importantly, it requires the YouTuber to gloss over glitches found while playing, and to keep their mouth shut about the whole campaign. The supposed official wording can be found below.

You agree to keep confidential at all times all matters relating to this Agreement and any Assignment including, without limitation, the Details and Compensation listed above.

You understand that You may not post a copy of this Agreement or any Assignment or any terms thereof online or share them with any third party without EA’s prior written consent. You agree that You have read the Nondisclosure Agreement (attached hereto and marked as Exhibit A) and You understand and agree to all of terms of the Nondisclosure Agreement, which are incorporated as part of this Agreement.

These marketing deals promised an additional $10 CPM, or $10 per 1,000 views, and were apparently active until January 18th. Apart from the obviously shady undertones, these types of stealth deals can dig into possible FTC violation territory. I doubt a company as big as EA is dumb enough to actually break any major laws, but this whole mess is disheartening nonetheless. What do you think about marketing deals like this? Will they become the new norm? Let us know below.

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