Offline mode coming to ‘SimCity’

 Offline mode coming to ‘SimCity’

An offline mode is headed to SimCity, according to Maxis Emeryville’s Patrick Buechner. The addition, which will be coupled with the latest round of updates, will thankfully be free of charge.

SimCity as it currently exists will still be accessible, for those who wish to play online, but the new single player mode will store data locally and allow for manual saves. This change will also give modders more freedom, but whether or not a community actually develops is anyone’s guess.

After it first gained notoriety during its botched launch, many demonized the “always online” requirement of SimCity, a feature Maxis claimed was fundamental. While the new offline mode is a welcome addition, one has to wonder how much good it will do almost a year into the game’s life. Will the latest update get you to give SimCity another try? Let us know below.

Via Polygon

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