‘The Division’ May Be Delayed Until 2015

 ‘The Division’ May Be Delayed Until 2015

To say Ubisoft has been busy would be an understatement; releasing a launch title for the Eighth Generation Consoles, the post-poning of Watch Dogs, and now the delay of The Division.

An unknown source on the game’s development team told GameReactor that, “the game works well, it’s not done but it works well. The actual game development barely started, however.”

The source continued to tell GameReactor that Ubisoft’s set release date for The Division is “laughable”—a rather underwhelming endorsement for the odds of a 2014 release.

Now rumored to be delayed until 2015, there will still be plenty of activity from Ubisoft during the current year—titles including: Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed V, and The Crew.

But, Tom Clancy fans may have to delay their gratification until the decade’s halfway mark.


Source: GameReactor

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