‘Samurai Warriors 4’ may release in the West

 ‘Samurai Warriors 4’ may release in the West

Fear not, Samurai Warrior fans – the latest entry in the hack-and-slash series, Samurai Warriors 4, may yet see a Western release, according to the game’s producer.

In response to fan asking on Twitter after the game’s release, Hisashi Koinuma responded, “Yes. Perhaps, next summer.”

The game, developed by Tecmo-Koei, is expected to release in Japan on March 20 for PlayStation 3 and Vita. Previous games in the series have all come to the West – most recently Samurai Warriors 3 for the Wii in 2010 – so wasn’t much reason to expect the fourth wouldn’t either, but such confirmation is certainly reassuring for fans of the hack-and-slash franchise.

Samurai Warriors 4 focuses on two samurai brothers who fight for rival clans, and features more than 50 playable characters – a mix of new warriors and warlords from previous games.

Samurai Warriors 4 marks the 10th anniversary of the franchise; in an interview with Famitsu, Koinuma said the team wanted to go back to the core of the franchise and take “the high road with the concept.” According to Koinuma, that means a narrative that “follows Japanese history” and “exciting characters portrayed in a cool way.”

Are you excited to play a new Samurai Warriors game? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments.

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