‘InFamous: Second Son’ is lookin’ good in new screenshots

 ‘InFamous: Second Son’ is lookin’ good in new screenshots

Sucker Punch’s inFamous: Second Son is easily one of the most anticipated titles of the PlayStation 4’s first first few months. Set to release in March, the game takes the superhero-ish action that defined the first two inFamous titles and brings it into the next-gen.

Second Son takes full advantage of the PS4’s power and a new set of screenshots shows off just how good the game will look. Most of the screens depict new protagonist Delsin Rowe using what appear to be light-based powers, as opposed to the smoke-based abilities that have been advertised so far.

inFamous: Second Son is the third game in Sucker Punch’s open-world action-adventure franchise, which began on the PlayStation 3 with 2009′s inFamousSecond Son is also the first game in the series to be set in a real-world location – previous games took place in the New York-themed Empire City and and New Marais, which had a New Orleans flavor – with the action taking place in a locked-down Seattle.

How do these new screenshots sit with you? Are you excited for inFamous: Second Son? Why or why n0t?

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