‘GTA V’ single player content teased by Rockstar

 ‘GTA V’ single player content teased by Rockstar

Now that GTA V has been out for a few weeks, everyone has probably had time to complete the game and move onto GTA Online. While the latter was thought to be the developer’s sole focus, a teaser on Rockstar’s site suggests otherwise.

It’s very brief, and very easy to miss if you’re one that typically skims articles. The tease is the last sentence of Rockstar’s update on the status of the Beach Bum Pack, which teases a number of new features and content coming to the Online portion of the game, but finishes off by promising “info on some exciting new Story Mode updates.” Hopefully, this is something along the lines of those huge DLC packs for GTA IV, as there has certainly been evidence and room for such updates in the main story.

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