‘Dead Rising 3’ began as an Xbox 360 game

 ‘Dead Rising 3’ began as an Xbox 360 game

The Xbox One launch title Dead Rising 3 originally began as an Xbox 360 release, but Capcom Vancouver “hit a ceiling” during development which spurred its transition to next-gen consoles. When speaking with OXM, producer Mike Jones explained the situation and the role Microsoft played in its evolution.

And we took it to Microsoft, and we said this is what we’re trying to do with Dead Rising, just to share what we know, and they flipped, ‘This is f**king awesome, this is just the kind of thing you should be doing.’ And we said ‘Well, there’s a catch.’ And they said: ‘What’s the catch?’ And we said: ‘We can’t do it on Xbox 360. It’s not fitting. It’s not working.’

And that’s when they started talking to us about: ‘you guys should start targeting next gen. We’ll publish, we’ll bring you under our security umbrella, we’ll start showing you all our crazy secret technologies, what we’re planning.’

We had engineers come live in the studio for a while. We’d go and visit them all the time. And they absolutely helped us make the game that we always wanted to make, and because of the power of the Xbox One and all the support we got from Microsoft.

Jones goes on to describe a rather positive experience with Microsoft as a publisher, which isn’t too surprising considering Dead Rising’s history with the company. Dead Rising 3 will release alongside the Xbox One on November 22.

Source OXM
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