Day: November 1, 2013


‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ to receive major patch soon

The new round of Batman video game titles have received massive success, critical acclaim, and a major fanbase. These were a bit less pronounced, however, with the latest title, Batman: Arkham Origins. One of the biggest factors of the slightly-more-than-lukewarm success has been the game’s technical issues. However, these are about to be addressed by developer […]Read More


‘Ryse: Son of Rome’ to feature a season pass

At this point, it seems rather inevitable that a AAA title will receive some form of an online or season pass. Microsoft and Crytek have confirmed today that Ryse: Son of Rome will feature a season pass for the game’s multiplayer. When the Xbox One launches on November 22nd, fans will be able to pick up […]Read More


Ubisoft removes online passes from all games

If you’ve purchased Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, you’re probably already well aware of the Uplay Passport system. An online pass much like those used by other larger studios, it’s a code used to verify the purchase of a new game, and then grant access to certain content. These practices are often the target of criticism, and […]Read More