‘GTA Online’ Stimulus Package arriving next week

 ‘GTA Online’ Stimulus Package arriving next week

Rockstar has been the source of much ire for the gaming community as of late, centered around the release of GTA Online‘s disastrous (as some would call it) launch riddled with bugs and server issues. As an attempt at reparation, Rockstar promised an in-game cash bonus to players who have been involved in the game. As if things could not get worse, the “Stimulus Package,” as it’s been called, was delayed.

One of the biggest problems facing the game so far has been progress loss, with cars and characters vanishing from existence. Some players have had this happen two or more times, meaning they’ve had to replay through the beginning of the game all over again just to regain lost progress. This issue has still not been resolved after almost a month of the game being out, but Rockstar hopes that the 1.05 patch, to be released early next week, will finally kill this bug.  Following that, Rockstar will release the Stimulus Package.  Rockstar hopes to get rid of the bug before the Stimulus Package drops, so that recipients of the $250k will not suddenly lose it again. That also carries with it the possibility that it might be delayed again if 1.05 does not fix the glitch, but take that speculation with a grain of salt.

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Source: Rockstar

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