Rumor: Creative Assembly making ‘Alien: Isolation’

 Rumor: Creative Assembly making ‘Alien: Isolation’

According to Kotaku, the next Aliens game will be Alien: Isolation, and will be developed by Creative Assembly for current and next-gen platforms. The plan was for Sega to announce the game back at E3, but delayed it to focus on the game’s quality. Makes sense seeing as Aliens: Colonial Marines was shipped at the state it was in.

In Kotaku’s report, the game will feature series hero Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda, in the lead role. Alien: Isolation is supposed to be heavily influenced by the first film, Alien, and will feature only one xenomorph. The rest of the time, you will be taking out “clones and soldiers.”

Nope, stop right there. If the game is heavily influenced by Alien, then why are we taking down clones and soldiers? I fully expect there to be a plot explanation for this; maybe Amanda joined the colonial marines? But it still doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in an Alien game if I’m going to be constantly shooting a bunch of dudes. Call me cautiously optimistic for this one. It can’t be much worse than Colonial Marines, right? Right?

via Kotaku

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