PC/Mac versions of ‘Lone Survivor’ getting Director’s Cut DLC for free

 PC/Mac versions of ‘Lone Survivor’ getting Director’s Cut DLC for free

Right now, the horror genre is going through a bit of a renaissance, thanks in part to games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent. One of the games that came out of that sort of resurgence was last year’s Lone Survivor, which was, in many people’s eyes, probably one of if not the best horror game of 2012. I would agree if I wasn’t such a pussy and actually got past the first hour. However, I’ve been meaning to come back and give it another go, and now seems to be the perfect time. This is thanks in part to some news Jasper Byrne, the game’s developer, announced today. In honor of Halloween, anyone who owns the PC/Mac version of the game will be getting the extra content added in the PS3/Vita port, Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut, completely free of charge.

Well, mostly. Anyone who owns that game, from now until the end of time, will get the content at no extra charge. However, due to the cost of developing the content, future sales of the game will be at an increased price. What the new price will be is unknown, but for a little while you can still get the game for 10 bucks. Additionally, the game will now be available to purchase from GOG.com. Now, normally I’d be a little annoyed at the idea of raising a game’s price, but considering the sheer wealth of added content in The Director’s Cut, I’m willing to let it slide here. Granted, I do think it’s a little weird that he didn’t just make it optional DLC that is free to anyone who owned the game before a specific date, but no matter. For details about what was specifically added in The Director’s Cut, check out this blog post from Byrne’s site.

Source: Superflat Games (via Destructoid)

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