5 pieces of ‘GTA V’ DLC we want to see

 5 pieces of ‘GTA V’ DLC we want to see

Michael & Trevor: Prologues

gta2So very much is said and made of the lives of Michael and Trevor before the events of GTA V, so why not give players the chance to experience it firsthand? This might be a tricky DLC to pull off, given that new locales would have to be devised for the pre-Los Santos exploits of the duo, but being able to do more heists then the pals were in their prime could form an engaging prequel to GTA V. It wouldn’t require any great deal of extra content, either; a potential roadblock could be how to make these past-centric heists work in the modern open-world environment, but they could also be self-contained missions activated by visiting Michael’s therapist to discuss them. The game would then go into Michael’s memory to relive the heist there. This could also contributed to some significant character-building for the two characters as their pasts are explored.

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