Select PSN titles are coming to PS4, cross-buy supported


If you’ve bought a lot of indie titles through PSN in the last couple of years, you might already have some games on your brand new PlayStation 4. Sony has announced a select number of titles coming to PS4.

The titles included in the PlayStation Blog post include Flower, Flow, Sound Shapes, and Escape Plan. Interestingly, Escape Plan is the only Vita title coming to PS4 so it’ll be neat to see how it uses the touchpad on the Dual Shock 4. Check out the trailer below:

Also, they’ll be cross-buy for a myriad of platforms and if you’ve already bought them on PSN, you’ll instantly have them on your PlayStation 4. It’s awesome that Sony keeps up with their cross-buy and hopefully more games are announced for it with more developers supporting the PS4.

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