‘Gran Turismo 6’ will have large day one patch

 ‘Gran Turismo 6’ will have large day one patch

What would you prefer: a game that gets delayed for more work, or a game that releases on time and gets a ton of updates? Polyphony is banking on the latter.

GT creator Kazunori Yamauchi described to Eurogamer the development process, how the scheduling is always extremely tight and it can be difficult to pull all of the desired features together by the time the game is set to release. For that reason, Polyphony is planning on staying on schedule and releasing the incomplete features in patches, starting with a big one the day of the game’s release and continuing for the subsequent 12 months. Yamauchi also mentioned the online mode, which he said is “already working” and that his team is “overflowing with stuff” planned for it as well.

Finally, Yamauchi mentioned the model of updates for the game, and implied that, given the output rate of his studio, this idea of consistent updates for a game (which may become a service instead of a boxed product) may become the norm.

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