‘Soul Calibur: Lost Worlds’ is a free-to-play title coming to the PS3

Soul Calibur: Lost Worlds

It seems that more and more companies are jumping on the free-to-play bandwagon as of late to see just how well it’ll work for various franchises. Namco Bandai has been working on testing the free-to-play market, and one of their most well-known franchises will also make the jump.

Gematsu is reporting that the latest issue of Famitsu confirms that¬†Soul Calibur: Lost Worlds is a free-to-play title coming to the Playstation 3. It’s likely that the game will follow a similar structure to what Tekken Revolution is using in which players have to spend coins to play online, and you earn additional coins if you win a match. Over time, your amount of coins will replenish, but avid players of the game are encouraged to purchase additional coins to avoid not waiting.

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